Spontaneity – the spice of life

After thinking for days on end and spending countless hours googling the words “25 best writing prompts”, I finally closed my internet browser, shut down my laptop, took out a pen and some scratch paper, and came up with this essay. But what was it that finally helped me overcome my sluggishness and put pen to paper? Was it a “5 steps to become a better writer” book? A suggestion from my family? Google, perhaps?


I discarded all those prompts, all those ideas that had stemmed from the minds of others. Instead I am putting into the words the ideas in my mind, the beliefs that I hold, and the experiences that I cherish. Spontaneity and individuality are the two key aspects of any essay. When I started writing this piece, I had no idea whether it would turn out to be a 750-word article complete with obscure quotes from random famous persons, or a short 200-word reflection of my latest musings. I still don’t know which one it will turn out to be. But the important thing is its going to be something which reflects my own thoughts not those of another person.

“Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are.”  – Random famous person.

In the eighth grade, our English teacher gave us a three-minute speaking assignment. She told us to pick any topic of our choice. Now this was a problem. What would I talk about? The latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence? A potential cure for cancer? Politics? Sport? I was overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities. After careful consideration and extensive research (Google Search: “Speech topics for grade nine”) I settled for a topic – Self driving cars.

Having finished my speech, I strode to my seat, proud of myself for having done such a great job of talking about a topic I knew little to nothing about of. Next up was my friend. As he walked up to the front of the class, I took a peek at his sheet of notes.

It was empty.

His speech?

One of the best I have ever heard. He just went up there, and spoke his mind. His favourite book, his trip to Australia, his favourite meal, and what he learnt from all of them.

So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a rut, just remember,