5 essential things at home

My house is on FIRE! I have exactly 30 seconds to decide which 5 of my favourite belongings I want to take with me, my 5 most important things at home.

Well…. Let’s start with the ceramic painting hung on the wall in my room. That painting had been done by me and me only, and considering my high artistic skills, or lack thereof, I have to say, it came out pretty good. I started working on it in my art class at school in August, and now its almost February, so I’ve put a lot of work into that thing, and I don’t want to see all that go up in smoke, quite literally.

Next up would be my favourite bed sheet. I know it sounds childish and all that, but that bed sheet has literally been with me all my life. I’ve had all my favourite dreams, like the day I went skiing down Mount Everest, as well as my most horrific nightmares, like being chased by a fire-breathing dragon, or falling off a cliff into a bottomless pit, with that sheet on. So it is fair to say I’ve got quite a lot of sentiment attached to that particular bed sheet.

For number 3, it has to be my laptop. I’ve got all my games, programs and documents on that thing, so life without it would be very difficult indeed.

Number 4 would have to be the ‘student of the year’ trophy I won back when I was in pre-school. It was the first award I ever received and therefore still holds a very special place in my mind. Though it may eventually make no difference to my future, it still is not one of the things I’d like to see in flames.

Finally, last, but not the least, the photo of a 3 year old me in a blue jacket, smiling away, oblivious of the world out there, which brings back memories of those carefree, merry days, a far cry from the kind of life we all lead today.

Honourable mentions go to my very own journal, where I used to list out my memories, and the cricket ball I got as a souvenir when I visited the MCG, the home of Australian cricket, as well as a photo of me standing in the hall of fame, a corridor which the likes of Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, and other tennis greats have graced, at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.