A Crazy, April evening

How quickly things can change. My dream day couldn’t get any worse.

April 5, 2014. My 20th birthday. It was scheduled to be the grandest day of my life so far. All my best mates, relatives were going to attend a free for all birthday bash. Within one and a half hours, they would start pouring into the backyard. There would be music, dancing and everyone would have the time of their lives. At least, that was the plan.

As there were still one and a half hours left, I ran out on to the sidewalk and began walking. Lost in deep thought about a variety of topics ranging from my boring history assignment due the next day, to the horror film I watched the previous night, I walked. And walked. And walked. Until I realised I was about 2 miles from home! Immediately I spun around and sprinted in the direction of my home.

An hour had passed since I left home. Right then, I stopped. A tiny little drop of water landed on my head. A look up at the dark, menacing clouds confirmed my worst fears.


Soon the inconsistent precipitation turned into a full scale downpour. I had nothing to protect myself either. To make matters worse, I was still quite far from home. The countdown for the bash had begun. Ten minutes to go now.

In despair, I rushed into nearest store I could see. It was filled with all sorts of weird, creepy stuff ranging from a hundred year old blood stained dagger to the fossils of a huge ten metre long t-rex. I quickly realised it was an antique store I had stepped into. A very strange one at that. I mean, what kind of an antique store owner would want to have the remains of a huge, ten billion year old dinosaur peering down at its customers?

However, the biggest shock of them all came when I met the owner of the shop. A huge, concave figure, white rimmed round spectacles, eyes that seemed to peep out of their sockets, dishevelled gray hair, a hook in the place of an arm, and a robotic leg. You get the picture, right? He looked at me straight in the eye and said “What are you up to, boy?” What a nice way to greet a new customer, I thought, as I coughed up a trembling reply “Uh, just looking around sir.”

“Then let me take you on a tour of our great exhibits.”

He grabbed me by the arm and whisked me away to a dark, creepy room. He then showed me around the huge area of the shop, carefully explaining in great detail every item on show. By the end of my rendezvous around the shop, I quite began to like this man, who took great care of me in the time I was there, even giving me biscuits and a hot coffee, sensing that I was shivering from the cold. I was involved in all the ancient items that I completely forgot all about my b’day bash!

I dashed out of the shop and sprinted home at ten miles an hour. All the guests had already assembled out there, and the expression on my mother’s face said it all. I was in for one heck of a dressing down!












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