How (not) to spend June 21!

Today. June 21. What could be so special about it that people wait for it all year? Was some new movie going to release today? Was there going to be a supernatural event? I certainly didn’t know. Not until I happened to come across the word “Solstice” at 9:30 pm in my Geography text book did I realise the full magnitude of my blunder. So that was why I felt the sun was so reluctant to go down today. The longest day of the year had just flown past me, and I spent it lying on the couch thinking “Am I forgetting something?” I felt so angry at myself.

I had been studying solstices all year, and when the big day arrives, I watch it fly away. As I sat on the couch cursing my luck, I started to think of all the ways I could have spent this “long” day. I could have gone boating in the lake nearby, skiing down snowy slopes, or gone for a long walk into the woods. Instead all I did was complete my history assignment on Alexander the Great. What a great way to spend a Summer Solstice weekend.imagesM0RNUDNM

Now I begin my inquest for reasons as to why and how it slipped out of my mind. Could it have been my sister, who kept me busy with her tantrums? My WiFi router maybe, for breaking down at the exact moment? Or maybe the squeaky rat who had me on patrol of the sweets in the kitchen all day? How I wish some genius would actually invent a time-machine so I could actually go back and fix all my wrongs. Just when I am about to ask my mother for some reasons, she says “Hey, what about your 20-page Biology assignment?”

Could my day get any worse?…Oops, it already has.


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