My room – My heaven of freedom

As I stretched my tired legs out on the mattress after a long, hard day’s work and looked out on to the enchanting world through my window of happiness, the room I lay in gave me the key to heaven – the creative, imaginative world where dreams come true and wishes are fulfilled. Where imagination weaves threads of innovation and magic captures the wandering mind.

The window in my room opens up to a view that encapsulates the freedom of life. The gushing stream and the roaring waterfall, the growling grizzlys and the dancing peacocks cast a spell that leave you in a trance forever. In the early hours of the morning, nature wakes up to another day of freedom to celebrate life in its full splendour. The carnival of life celebrates a new dawn, a new beginning that gives a new hope to life every day. As the afternoon drifts in life goes into a shell outside my window. The animals do what they do best – sleep! The birds retreat into their nests and the sun blazes overhead. Life comes to a standstill.

Late evening and the coolness of dusk brings about a re-awakening in life as the little ones break free from their bonds to rush out on to the gardens spread out beautifully, reminding one of a paradise on earth. As the little ones scream, cry and play, taking in the action with their tiny little eyes, I sit in my room visualising this world. This is where my mind lights up with new ideas, my creative instinct sparks up, and my imagination expands to new levels. In reality, it is not just a room of four white walls. It is a mountain of never-ending possibilities, a tunnel of dreams, a cave of magic and a spaceship to distant lands beyond the reach of human vision.


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