From tea seller to prime minister- the rise of NaMo


As Narendra Modi takes his place amongst the elite group of India’s politicians, he, and 1.3 billion Indians will know that his journey into the upper echelons of Indian society has been nothing short of a miracle.
From being a tea seller on the railway platform of Delhi to entering the field of politics, he always epitomised mental and physical strength and perseverance.    But the real game changer on his resume  was the drastic transformation of Gujarat, which endeared him to the people and earned him a heroic status. He was considered as a god-like saviour, which points to the emergence of slogans like “Har Har Modi”.

The much heralded Modi wave  swept through the country and made waves across boundaries, encapsulating the power and popularity of a man whose stature rose astronomically.
NaMo’s meteoric rise has unsurprisingly coincided with the dramatic fall from grace of the ill-fated reign of the Congress party. These events have led to the dawn of a new era of politics, an era of change and development, and one of ” Minimum government and Maximum governance “, quoting the man himself.
However, Modi has had his fair share of criticism along the way. Cries of discontent emerged due to his so-called authoritarian policy, and his image of communalism in favour of the Hindus. There is also a fear that he may flatter to deceive.

The next 5 years will be pivotal for Modi as he attempts to transform the country and make India the nation of his dreams. Will Modi stand up and deliver, or will he, as is all too familiar, sink into the dark depths of corruption and betray his motherland?
Let’s wait and watch. But for now, it’s “Abki baar Modi Sarkaar!”.


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